Giving Back to the Community – With Your Hands

July 12, 2011 No Comments

Sometimes I work on people who simply can’t afford massage.  I tell them to “give me what they can.”  I do it out of the kindness of my heart, knowing I’m not going to receive a large payment in the form of “dollars” in return.  They give me from $20 to $40 for an hour massage.  This isn’t something I can necessarily live on if I do this with everyone, but for the few who are having a little difficulties in the financial arena in life, this helps.  I’d say I do this with a couple of people a week.  What comes out of this is a sense of doing something positive for the community where I live.   It’s a gift and I do it without expecting anything in return.  Out of this, because it’s how the world works, comes the law of “you get what you give”.  It’s so simple, yet genius.  It works and it works well.

With some client’s, and I limit this to a few people a week as well, I offer them free massage.  In return I ask them to send me friends, family, and other relations who’ll pay for a massage.  If they don’t, then I don’t worry.  I’ll receive something in another form at another time in life.  Perhaps not from the person whom I’m giving the free massage to, but by something or someone else.

Why I tell you this is because you can use this form of giving in a way to boost your business or to get you off of your feet as a massage therapist.  I’ve done very well because of my sense and push within myself to give to other people.  The gift of your heart through your healing hands is a precious gift to anyone.

So, find a way to give back to your community.  It’s a way to lift your spirits, brighten your smile, and heal, heal, heal.

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